vision & Mission
Vision :
To be a Center of Legal Excellence by virtue of Academic Effectiveness, inculcating Professional Competencies, Critical thinking, Value Based Knowledge Creation and Dissemination for the Holistic Socio-Legal  Upliftment of the Region and State.
Mission :
To enhance access to Legal Education for students of all sections of Society, with quality educational experiences and support that lead to the successful completion of degree.
To provide Academic and Career Progression by focusing on the development of Critical Thinking, interpretation, effective communication/inter-personal skills, in order to foster the Rule, Role & Rudiment of Law.
To adapt to latest Teaching Learning methods/ICT Aids to enhance learning experiences and Academic Effectiveness.
To infuse Professional competencies by providing equal access to various Curricular, Co-Curricular opportunities/activities.
To inculcate elements of values, ethics, community welfare/harmony by sensitizing students on various Socio-Legal issues of the Country.